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Keeping Your Business Immaculate

When we installed a suggestion box in the entryway of our business, I was amazed to see how many customers responded. After we started going through the suggestions, we realized that there was one request that we kept seeing--the need for a cleaner store. We decided to make a few changes to keep our place cleaner, including hiring a professional cleaning service. The results were incredible. Customers started to comment on how clean our place was, instead of the need for dramatic changes. We also noticed a boost in our sales because customers felt more comfortable in our store. Check out this website to find articles that might help you to keep your business cleaner.

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Keeping Your Business Immaculate

    Before You Hire A Commercial Cleaning Company, Find Out The Answers To These Four Questions

    As someone who is running a business, you might be thinking about using commercial cleaning services to make sure that your staff and clients are surrounded by a clean environment. Be sure to ask the following questions before choosing one company to clean your building. Do You Offer Special Services? You probably already expect that a commercial cleaning company will vacuum, sweep, empty trash, and take care of the bathrooms. However, your business might need specific services that not all companies offer.

    How To Protect Your Carpet When You Opt For A Real Christmas Tree

    A real Christmas tree can add endless beauty and holiday spirit to your home with its natural appearance and fresh pine scent. Unfortunately, it can also wreak havoc on your carpet with its needles and drippy tree sap. You don't have to choose between a clean carpet and a real tree. Just follow these tips to protect your carpet from the threat of your Christmas tree. Measure your doorway and the tree.

    4 Benefits To Hiring Cleaning Services

    If you're looking for extra assistance around the house, you may want to consider investing in a cleaning team. This can be a great way to improve the look of your home while also ensuring that you keep up with cleaning responsibilities. There are many benefits to hiring professional cleaners. Take a look at the following information to better understand the benefits to hiring a cleaning team for your home cleaning needs.

    Three Winter Threats To Carpet Cleanliness – And How To Dodge Them

    The winter season can wreak havoc on your carpet if you're not careful. If you want to keep your carpet looking fresh all year long, consider these common winter threats to carpet cleanliness – and how to avoid them. Threat: Salty, dirty pet paws. When your dog comes running in the door and across the carpet with muddy or salty paws, you can bet there will be some paw prints left behind.

    From Blinds To Mold - How To Get Your Window Spic And Span

    The windows on your home serve multiple benefits, from allowing natural light into the house, to adding some aesthetic appeal to the exterior. In an effort to maximize these benefits, you must keep your windows clean at all times. This can be difficult with them exposed to both indoor and outdoor elements. A dirty window can take a considerable amount of work to get it completely clean. You have to pay attention to everything from the window treatments to the frame around the window to the glass itself.

    3 Tips For Making Your Home Safer Between Commercial Carpet Cleanings When You Have Asthma

    As an asthma sufferer, you are undoubtedly aware that there are many ways that you can make your home safer. One example is accessing commercial carpet cleaning on a regular basis and another is keeping the air and carpets safely clean between cleanings, so that you are as free of your asthma triggers as possible. Since professionally cleaning your carpets too often can damage or stress it, it is crucial to know how to safely manage your asthma triggers between cleanings.

    3 Ways To Save Money When Using A Janitorial Service

    Hiring a janitorial service to clean your commercial building for you is a smart plan. However, if you want to maximize your savings, you can try these tips to save money when using one of these services. Then, you can ensure that your building is nice and clean without spending more than your company can afford to spend. 1. Let Them Choose the Cleaning Supplies You can generally request to have certain cleaning supplies used when a janitorial service cleans your building.

    Properly Removing Water After An Appliance Floods

    If you came home from work today only to discover that your dishwasher or washing machine flooded water all over the floor while you were out, then it is vitally important that all of the water be removed as quickly as possible. While you can easily remove the water that you can see, completely drying the area requires the assistance of a professional water damage contractor. Without professional drying, your kitchen or laundry room will be susceptible to future problems with dry rot and mold growth.