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Keeping Your Business Immaculate

Great Pressure Washing Tips For Residential Driveways

by Lee Porter

The driveway is an area around your property that tends to get dirty. If it has gotten really bad over the last few months, pressure washing is your ticket to a clean and new-looking driveway. Just make sure you account for these tips before you begin.

Prep the Surface First

Before you pressure wash a dirty driveway, preparing the surface is a good idea. You don't want anything to be in the way because if they were, you could damage them because of how strong a pressure washing machine is. 

For instance, you should remove all vehicles from the driveway. Also, take your time picking up rocks and loose debris. They will only get in the way and hinder the cleaning results you can have. 

Rent Out a Pressure Washer

If you want to save money when pressure washing your driveway, you can rent a machine instead of buying one outright. That's best if you don't need to perform pressure washing very often.

Still, take your time finding a suitable pressure washing machine from a supplier. There are a couple of things to look for, such as a compact model and a washer that gives you ample power settings. If you still need help deciding, rent a couple of pressure washers to see what gives you the best experience. 

Use a Degreaser if Necessary

If there are stains on your driveway, such as marks from oil and grease, then it's a good idea to use a degreaser on the driveway before you pressure wash it. The degreaser will break down the stains, making it a lot easier to wash them away. 

Just make sure you choose a product that's strong enough to give you desirable results. Additionally, verify it's safe to handle so you don't put yourself at risk.  

Wear the Appropriate Safety Gear 

Since a pressure washer does generate a lot of force, it's wise to wear the appropriate safety gear when cleaning your driveway. The most important thing to have on are safety goggles. They can block the impact from water if you accidentally spray yourself. 

You also should wear a full-body suit to protect your arms, legs, and neck from the intense pressure that your machine creates.

You might pressure wash your driveway at some point, especially if it's dirty. If you use the right tools and tactics, you won't struggle to restore your driveway in a controlled manner. For more information on pressure washing, contact a company near you.