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Keeping Your Business Immaculate

What To Expect When Having Your Air Ducts Cleaned

by Lee Porter

You may not be aware of how many contaminants are inside your air ducts, which can lead to health problems as you breathe in the air that flows through the ductwork. That is why many homeowners decide to get their air ducts cleaned so that all of the contaminants are removed. Here is what you can expect when you have air duct cleaning performed. 

Access Point Creation

Part of the process of cleaning your air ducts will involve creating an access point in your ductwork. This can be done in many different ways. Some air duct cleaning companies temporarily remove a section of ductwork so that their powerful suction equipment can be attached. Others will cut into a portion of the ductwork and create a temporary hole that will be covered later. No matter how it is done, the access point is necessary to create a high level of suction to remove all the contaminants inside. These holes will then be covered when the air duct cleaning company is finished so that your ductwork functional again.

Air Vent Covering

All of the vents will need to be covered to create a high amount of suction within your ductwork. This can be done by placing plastic over the vent covers so that they form a good deal. Some air duct cleaning companies have magnet covers that simply stick to the diffusers and form a seal.

Debris Agitation

Special tools will be inserted into each vent opening to make all of the debris stuck to the inside of the ductwork become loose. This can be done with a spinning wire brush that will knock debris right off the side of the ductwork and make the surface clean. Another tool is a high-pressure hose that is inside a protective plastic ball. This allows the high pressure hose to go through solid and flexible ductwork without creating any damage. Meanwhile, the powerful vacuum is sucking that loose debris out of the ductwork and into the truck located outside the home. 

Blower Motor Compartment Cleaning

The blower motor compartment, which contains the A-coil, is likely covered in debris as well. This will need to be cleaned manually with a high-pressure hose to get all of the debris out of there. It is much like cleaning out the inside of a computer with canned air, but most of the components will not need to be removed to get it clean.