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Keeping Your Business Immaculate

Why Have A Residential Mold Inspection On Your Fixer-Upper?

by Lee Porter

If you're about to buy a fixer-upper home, then there are various checks you need to make before you start work. You need to know exactly what work needs to be done on the building's structure before you move on to the cosmetics.

If your new home is older and hasn't been cared for a long time, then it's worth arranging a residential mold inspection early on in the process. Why is this a good thing to do?

Find Out if You Have a Mold Problem

If your new home is in a bad state, then it may be dirty inside. You might suspect you have mold in some rooms, but you may not be sure. It's sometimes hard to tell the difference between mold growth and ingrained dirt and dust. Also, you can sometimes have an early-stage mold problem without seeing much evidence of it yet.

A mold inspection assesses if there is any mold in your home. If there is, your inspector can help you decide the best way to deal with the problem and its underlying source.

Find Out Why You Have Mold

Sometimes, mold grows in unoccupied properties simply because the property gets a bit damp because nobody has lived in it recently. However, sometimes, mold grows because of an underlying issue. For example, you may have a leaky roof or water pipe that is making a surface wet enough for mold to grow.

During the course of your inspection, you should find out why the mold is there. This is useful information. If you treat mold that has an underlying source, then it will simply come back again. Fix the source as well and you fix the problem permanently.

Find Other Problems

As your inspector checks your property, they may find other issues that you hadn't noticed. For example, they may find excess moisture on a wall or ceiling which could pose a problem in the future. You don't have any mold in these areas right now; however, it could be a future problem.

A water check tells you if you have a problem with a leak or water ingress. Mold aside, these are problems you should fix before you start remodeling. If you don't fix them, they could cause more damage later.

To find out more about how a residential mold inspection can help you get your fixer-upper ready to renovate, contact local testing contractors.