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Keeping Your Business Immaculate

Chimney Cleaning Is Critical For New Restaurants With Fireplaces

by Lee Porter

Standing out as a restaurant is a skill that requires a lot of preparation and effort. For example, some restaurants may add a fireplace to make customers interested in visiting. If they do, they need to make sure that they schedule regular commercial chimney cleaning sessions to prevent any issues.

Fireplaces Add a Touch of Class to a Restaurant

New restaurants trying to stand out among a busy marketplace may want to install decorative items, such as a fireplace, to help draw in more potential customers. A fireplace is a cozy and relaxing item that makes a restaurant feel classier and more relaxing than a restaurant without one.

Just as importantly, a fireplace can draw in potential customers looking to escape the cold in winter. For example, customers may want to come in to sit down by the fire, relax, eat their food, and warm their bones. However, these individuals could be sitting next to a potential death trap if the restaurant doesn't take steps to keep the chimney clean.

Dirty Chimneys Increase Fire Risk

When fireplaces burn wood, they create some and an item known as soot. Soot is black residue remaining after the wood is burned, and it can easily stain a chimney and a fireplace. Even worse, soot can build up throughout the length of a chimney and cause serious complications.

For example, soot buildup in a chimney may catch on fire if a stray spark hits it and ignites. This kind of out-of-control chimney fire seriously puts the structure of a restaurant and its customers at serious risk. As a result, restaurant owners need to take steps to clean soot out of a chimney.

Regular Chimney Sweepings Avoid This Danger

Fireplaces must be cleaned at least once a year to eliminate the soot and dirt buildup that goes with burning a chimney. However, restaurants that are burning wood in a fireplace every day should probably clean out their chimney at least once every couple of weeks to ensure that they are safe and protected from danger.

Just as importantly, cleaning out a fireplace also helps to improve its efficiency and get it to burn more cleanly. As a result, visitors sitting next to the fireplace won't experience as much smoke when trying to enjoy their food. This generates a comfortable ambiance that draws people to visit a restaurant often and relax next to the fire.

So if you just opened up a new restaurant with a new fireplace and you want to protect your customers and your profits, please don't hesitate to schedule a high-quality chimney cleaning. Getting somebody to regularly clean the chimney vastly improves a fireplace's operation and keeps it running smoothly.