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Keeping Your Business Immaculate

Garage Floor Looks Old And Oily? Resurface The Concrete

by Lee Porter

If your garage's concrete flooring is outdated or covered in stains, you may want to resurface it soon. The oil stains on your garage's floor can penetrate the concrete and create many problems over time, such as cracking and deterioration. To avoid long-term damage to the concrete, it's a good idea that you hire someone to resurface it. Here's how resurfacing benefits your garage's flooring.

Reinforces The Foundation And Home

Resurfacing is a unique technique used to refinish old and damaged concrete material. The technique involves buffing away the surface of the concrete and replacing it with a protective overlay. An overlay may consist of various polymers, or plastics, that rebuild the surface of your garage so that it lasts longer.

The overlay can also come in different colors that match the theme of your home and garage. A number of stone resurfacing companies offer decorative overlays, such as swirls, flowers, and brickwork. The intricate designs add style and value to your home, which is important if you plan to sell the home in the future. It's a good idea that you look over your contractor's design portfolio for ideas on how to resurface your garage when you contact them.

Resurfacing can be a cost-effective way to reinforce your garage's flooring. Instead of removing or breaking down the entire floor, contractors simply coat it with the overlay. The overlay forms a protective seal over the roughened underlayment below it. The seal keeps out car oil, transmission fluid and other liquids that can damage the flooring in the future.

Resurfacing can also protect the tires of your car and trucks.

Protects Your Car's Tires

If your vehicle's tires tend to lose air during the summer, the damaged concrete flooring of your garage can damage them. The concrete may develop sharp areas that puncture your low tires when you store your car in the garage. The concrete can also experience cracks that rise up on one or both sides. If you place your vehicle's tires over the raised cracks, it may push the air inside the tires out of place.

Resurfacing your garage smoothes out bad areas on the concrete. The smooth surface evenly distributes your vehicle's weight, which protects the tires from damage. Resurfacing may also keep heat from entering the garage through the flooring. Heat can evaporate the air in your tires over time. For more information, consider contacting a professional like those at Marble Tec Systems.

For more details about stone resurfacing for your garage, contact a contractor today.