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Keeping Your Business Immaculate

Home Setting Causing Mold – What Do You Do Now?

by Lee Porter

Has your home settled over the years? Do you have mold problems? Did you know that the two problems could be connected? Below, you will find out how settling causes mold problems and what you can do to resolve both issues.

Why does settling lead to mold?

As the house settles, the foundation becomes compromised. What was built to be water-tight is now allowing water to enter the basement. Small leaks will occur when the foundation shifts as it settles.

Not only does the water begin to leak into the foundation itself, but it can also begin to leak into the windows, doors and seams of the house. The windows and doors that were perfectly square before may no longer be that way, causing small gaps around them and possibly even preventing them from opening and closing properly.

What identifiers are there for settling issues?

There are several identifying issues that may occur when a house settles, including:

  • Doors and windows don't open and close smoothly
  • Bowing basement walls
  • Cracks in the mortar in the basement
  • Un-level floors
  • Deck and stairs pulling away from the house
  • Gutter system failure – water isn't carried through the system to the downspouts

Any combination of these issues likely means that your home has settled and there is need for repairs.

How do you stop house settling and mold problems?

There isn't a do-it-yourself fix for something as serious as settling damage. You will need to call in the professionals so that they can determine why the house is settling and come up with a solid plan for putting a stop to it. It could be due to poor construction, inadequate soil conditions or a number of other reasons.

Although you can't stop the house from settling on your own, you can work to eliminate the mold that the settling has caused. Running dehumidifiers constantly to reduce the amount of moisture in your home will help after the mold has been removed. Minor mold damage may be able to be resolved with some household bleach and a little elbow grease. Unfortunately, mold inside the walls, floors and ceilings will need to be addressed by a mold removal specialist.

Talk with the professionals in your area about eliminating the mold from your home and putting a stop to the settling that is causing it before your health is put at risk due to the mold spores becoming airborne.