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Keeping Your Business Immaculate

Etiquette Tips For Hiring A Housecleaning Service

by Lee Porter

Hiring a housecleaning service can make your life much easier, and free up time you normally spend cleaning for the things you'd rather be doing. When you hire a housecleaning service for the first time, you might not be quite sure what to expect or what etiquette guidelines to follow. Here are a few etiquette tips to make you feel like you've been using a housecleaning service for years:

Clear Away Clutter

While pre-cleaning before the housecleaners get there is kind of silly (after all, you are paying someone to do the cleaning for you), clearing clutter is another matter. If the counters, your desk, or other spaces are covered with extraneous stuff, your housekeeper will have a more difficult time cleaning.

If you are paying by the hour, you don't want your housecleaner to spend valuable time clearing away your clutter instead of actually cleaning. Just do a quick run-through of your home and toss dirty clothes in the hamper, move dirty dishes to the dishwasher, pick up the kid's toys, etc.

Don't Forget Pets

If you have pets, you should mention this to the housecleaning service ahead of time. This way they know what to expect and don't send a housecleaner with a pet allergy. If your pets are well-behaved, your cleaner will simply work around them, though it may be helpful to corral them in one room.

If your pets are aggressive with strangers, you should put them in a kennel or make arrangements for them to go on a nice, long walk while your house is being cleaned.

How to Handle Tipping

According to etiquette experts, tipping is not expected or required for housecleaning services, but if you choose to tip you should aim for 10-15%. If you decide to sign up for regular housecleaning services, a yearly bonus of cash or a gift card at the holidays is a nice gesture to show how much you appreciate your house cleaner's hard work.

Clarify What Cleaning Products (If Any) You Supply

Some housecleaning services supply all of their own cleaning supplies, while others expect to use your vacuum or other cleaning-related items. Be sure to clarify this ahead of time. If you'd like your cleaning service to use specific products you already have, simply leave them out and mention it to your cleaner when they arrive.

With these tips, hiring a housecleaner for the first time should be a piece of cake. You can rest easy knowing you're being a courteous customer, and simply enjoy your spic and span house. Contact a local service, like Kathy's Quality Cleaning, Inc., for more information.