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When we installed a suggestion box in the entryway of our business, I was amazed to see how many customers responded. After we started going through the suggestions, we realized that there was one request that we kept seeing--the need for a cleaner store. We decided to make a few changes to keep our place cleaner, including hiring a professional cleaning service. The results were incredible. Customers started to comment on how clean our place was, instead of the need for dramatic changes. We also noticed a boost in our sales because customers felt more comfortable in our store. Check out this website to find articles that might help you to keep your business cleaner.

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Keeping Your Business Immaculate

Selling Your Home? 3 Things You Must Have Professionally Cleaned

by Lee Porter

If you are trying to sell your home, you want your property to look as fresh and pristine as possible. This means freshening your carpets, getting rid of excess furniture that makes your space look cluttered, and wiping your windows until they shine. People looking to buy your home will scrutinize each detail, so you may want to be as thorough with your cleaning efforts as possible. A variety of professional cleaning services can help make your home a star on the market by keeping these 3 things that you may have overlooked neat and tidy.

Drapery/window coverings

You've probably wiped your windows down, but what about your drapes and blinds? People viewing your home will want to see the views from your home, and they will likely notice the layers of dirt on your blinds and the discolored distraction of your drapery. Have a dry-cleaning service attend to your drapes so they are crisp and fresh. Dry-cleaning professionals can give your blinds the attention they need to look new and inviting.


Your tile may have been freshly scrubbed, but a professional steam cleaning and chemical treatment done by a professional will bring your tile and its grout back to its original luster. Giving this surface special treatment can make your tile look as if it were newly installed and let potential buyers know you care about your home's small details.


Don't forget that the exterior of your home is the very first thing people see when they come to look at your home, so it should be as pristine as the interior. A cleaning or window washing company can power-wash your vinyl siding or wipe down stains on your paint to give your house a fresh appeal that will reflect what potential buyers can expect to see when they walk in.

Choosing a cleaning service

When choosing professional cleaning companies, make sure you get a list of treatments they provide so you can choose the right professionals for the job. Many companies offer cleaning solutions that are both kid- and pet-friendly if this is a concern of yours, so you can have a beautiful home without worrying about unwanted chemicals.

You want your home to look amazing when you put it on the market, and cleaning down to the smallest detail can make a huge difference in your home's overall appeal. Having your window treatments, tile, and home exterior professionally cleaned can give your home a whole new look.

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