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Keeping Your Business Immaculate

How To Protect Your Carpet When You Opt For A Real Christmas Tree

by Lee Porter

A real Christmas tree can add endless beauty and holiday spirit to your home with its natural appearance and fresh pine scent. Unfortunately, it can also wreak havoc on your carpet with its needles and drippy tree sap. You don't have to choose between a clean carpet and a real tree. Just follow these tips to protect your carpet from the threat of your Christmas tree.

Measure your doorway and the tree.

A lot of scattered needles and sap stains occur when homeowners don't adequately plan how they will get the tree into your home. Perhaps the tree you get is larger than you expected, and you have to drag it across the carpet instead of lifting and carrying it. Maybe it scrapes against the door, shedding needles on its way. You can prevent these issues by measuring your doorways before you drive to the tree lot, and then measuring the tree you intend to purchase to make sure it will fit through the doorway without struggle. If the tree shop offers to wrap the tree to make it more compact, take them up on the offer.

Try lifting the tree before you leave, too. If it's too heavy for you (and any helpers) to lift, choose a lighter one so you don't end up dragging it across your carpet.

Keep your tree well watered.

Needles are tough to remove from longer-fibered carpets. It's easier to keep them from dropping in the first place by keeping the tree well watered. Check that water bucket every day, and add to it whenever it gets low. A well-watered tree won't shed nearly as many needles.

Use a tree skirt.

Even a well-watered tree will drop some needles – and maybe even some sap. To prevent blotchy sap stains and ground-in needles, use a tree skirt. Make sure it is spread out past the width of the tree's widest branches. Pick up any needles that fall on it daily so they don't have a chance to make it into the carpet.

Drag the tree out on a plastic shower curtain.

When it's time to remove the tree from your home, lay it down on a plastic shower curtain and drag it out. Many people use a plain sheet for this purpose, but sap can leak through the sheet and end up on your carpet.

If your tree does leave its mark by way or needles or sap, be sure to schedule a cleaning session with a reputable carpet cleaning company like Atlantic Carpet Care before these pesky tree remnants are driven further into your carpet by foot traffic.