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When we installed a suggestion box in the entryway of our business, I was amazed to see how many customers responded. After we started going through the suggestions, we realized that there was one request that we kept seeing--the need for a cleaner store. We decided to make a few changes to keep our place cleaner, including hiring a professional cleaning service. The results were incredible. Customers started to comment on how clean our place was, instead of the need for dramatic changes. We also noticed a boost in our sales because customers felt more comfortable in our store. Check out this website to find articles that might help you to keep your business cleaner.

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Keeping Your Business Immaculate

3 Tips For Making Your Home Safer Between Commercial Carpet Cleanings When You Have Asthma

by Lee Porter

As an asthma sufferer, you are undoubtedly aware that there are many ways that you can make your home safer. One example is accessing commercial carpet cleaning on a regular basis and another is keeping the air and carpets safely clean between cleanings, so that you are as free of your asthma triggers as possible. Since professionally cleaning your carpets too often can damage or stress it, it is crucial to know how to safely manage your asthma triggers between cleanings.

#1-Only Use The Right Cleaning Products.

It is first important to note that many asthmatics are sensitive to or triggered by strong smells and therefore, it is a good idea to re-consider the cleaners that you use. For example, you should vacuum your home at least twice a week, but the use of powdered or spray carpet deodorizers as part of that process is not recommended.

In addition, any cleaner, whether you are using it for the walls, laundry, cabinets, carpets or hard floors, should be in liquid form, so that it pours out; or in a pump, so that it sprays. In between professional carpet cleanings, you can sprinkle a very light layer of plain baking soda to remove some smells. After allowing it to sit for a few minutes, you can simply vacuum everything away.

#2- Know What To Avoid

If you find that you need to remove spills or stains between professional carpet cleanings, avoid the use of any aerosol products. That is due to their propensity for triggering irritation in your lungs or an asthma attack.

In addition, you should also plan to avoid Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, as they are strong chemicals commonly found in cleaning products. Since they vanish into room temperature air, often with little or no smell marking their presence, you could experience asthma attacks without knowing what the trigger was. It is safer to simply avoid those products whenever possible.

#3-Clean Your Air By Cleaning Your Ducts

Now that you know how easy it is for carpets to absorb strong or unpleasant scents and that room or carpet deodorizers are rarely a good choice for asthmatics, you will need to know how to keep the air in your home as clean as possible. You probably already know that running the air conditioner or heater in your home for a while can remove some smoke, pollen and other problematic scents and that changing the filter about once a month allows for a cleaner HVAC unit.

However, you may not know that any filter and the HVAC unit itself is only as clean as the vents it uses, and dirty vents will often release the contaminants hiding within each vent. As a result, it is a good idea to schedule the vents to be professionally cleaned.

In conclusion, carpets are prone to absorbing cigarette smoke, pet smells, fumes from cooking and other strong scents-- any of which can negatively impact your asthma. Therefore, it is crucial to follow the above tips, so that your home can still be as safe as possible to enjoy when you are waiting for the next professional or commercial carpet cleaning.