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Keeping Your Business Immaculate

Properly Removing Water After An Appliance Floods

by Lee Porter

If you came home from work today only to discover that your dishwasher or washing machine flooded water all over the floor while you were out, then it is vitally important that all of the water be removed as quickly as possible. While you can easily remove the water that you can see, completely drying the area requires the assistance of a professional water damage contractor. Without professional drying, your kitchen or laundry room will be susceptible to future problems with dry rot and mold growth.

While you wait for the professionals to arrive on scene, take these very important steps to mitigate the damage to your floors, walls, and woodwork:

Safety Note: Before removing the water, turn off the power to the area. It is not safe to stand or work in a puddle of water near electrical appliances and flowing current.

Removal of the Standing Water Puddle

Before reaching for a stack of clean towels from your linen closet to sop up the water on the floor, instead use your lightly soiled clothing and linens that are waiting to be washed. When they become thoroughly soaked, place them in the washing machine or bathtub until you can launder them.

You can also remove the water using your carpet shampooer on its extraction setting or with a wet-dry vacuum.

Ambient Drying and Air Circulation

Once you have the puddle of water cleaned up, then you need to get air moving into the room. The easiest way to do this is to use any ceiling fans or oscillating fans that you have. Open all of the doors and windows in your home if the weather permits, and turn on the fans. This helps to move the humid air from inside of your home to the outside and replace it with the drier outside air.

Professional Convection Drying

When your water damage contractor arrives, they will use a process known as convection to dry out the walls, flooring, and cabinetry in your kitchen or laundry room. Convection drying uses large dehumidifiers and heat in order to remove the excess moisture from the building materials used in your home. Once the areas are completely dry, they are no longer in danger of creating dry rot or mold problems.

Finally, if there are any materials that cannot be salvaged because they absorbed too much water, then the contractor will let you know so that you can have them properly removed and replaced.